How to Permanently Close an Instagram account

Instagram is a well know social media platform that allows users to share photos & videos with their followers and friends. However, sometimes users may want to close their account permanently for various reasons. If you’re one of them, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to delete your Instagram account permanently.

  • Step 1: Log in to your account:
    • Before you can delete your account, you’ll need to log in to it. Go to the Instagram website or open the app on your mobile device, and enter your username and password.
  • Step 2: Visit the Delete Your Account page:
    • Once you’re logged in, go to the Delete Your Account page. You can find this page by going to the “Help” section of the Instagram website or app, and searching for “Delete Your Account.”
  • Step 3: Select a reason for deleting your account:
    • On the Delete Your Account page, you’ll be prompted to select a reason for why you want to delete your account. Select the reason that best applies to you, and then enter your password to confirm your decision.
  • Step 4: Re-enter your username:
    • You’ll then be prompted to re-enter your username. Make sure you enter the correct username, as you won’t be able to undo the deletion once it’s done.
  • Step 5: Temporarily disable your account:
    • After you’ve entered your username, your account will be temporarily disabled. This means that your account will be deactivated for 14 days, during which time you can still reactivate it if you change your mind.
  • Step 6: Confirm deletion:
    • After 14 days, your account will be permanently deleted. This means that your account and all of its data will be permanently deleted, and you will no longer be able to log in or access it.

It’s important to note that once your account is deleted, it cannot be recovered. So, before you go ahead and delete your account, make sure that you’ve downloaded any photos or videos that you want to keep, and that you’ve informed your friends and followers that you’re leaving the platform.

Additionally, if you want to take a break from Instagram but want to keep your account, you can always temporarily deactivate it. This will hide your profile, photos, and videos from the public, but keep your data stored with Instagram. You can log back in at any time to revive your account.


In conclusion, closing an Instagram account permanently is a simple process, but it’s one that should be taken with care. Before you delete your account, make sure you’ve backed up any data you want to keep and inform your friends and followers. If you’re unsure about whether you want to delete your account permanently, you can always temporarily deactivate it instead.

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